Monday, September 28, 2015

Have you been there recently?

So it's coming to almost 6 years since I've last been to Dorea... and I have not forgotten.

Even though I live in a different province now, I am still drawn to that horrible place. There is an intense pull telling me to go back, dig deeper, learn more... and at the same time there is something else telling me to stay far, far away from there.

I'm only about a 3 hour drive to go back there, so it's very possible for me to go back... but as I have said for the last 6 years - I will never go back into the back right bulding. Every other building on the property... sure, no problem! But not the one to the back right.

I've been receiving a lot of emails from people asking me to share my experience there. Now I want to hear from you. Have you been there recently? Tell me about it, share your experience, send me photos if you've caught anything strange or odd.

I want to be severely enticed to return. Give me a damn good reason! But I also want to start collecting data from people. Since not everyone experiences something when they go to Dorea, I want to see if the energies that remain there are intelligent and whether or not they are targeting certain people. I want to know if there are any similarities in experiences between people whom have never met.

I want to get into contact with anyone who may have lived there when it was open, I want to talk to people who have "insider" information from when Dorea was thriving.

... and most importantly I want to know if anyone can tell me who the hell is the man in the back right building that scared me so bad (and I don't scare easily).... since he alone is the reason I refuse to enter that building ever again.

I need answers... and I'm sure others would love to know as well. Please use the contact form to the right to get in touch with me. I want to hear what you have to say!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Years later..

So here we are, 5 years later. I have never returned to Dorea since that cold December night back in 2009. I have found no futher information regarding Dorea as well.

I dropped all my research in fear. Shortly after beginning this research I contacted Mr Bruno Roy in early January 2010 asking him questions pertaining to Dorea Institute and if he knew of what may have happened there. I never got a response from him as he died the next day.

After that, I just let it go. Coinsidence? Maybe. But I didn't want to take that chance.

Now, 5 years later -  I want to jump back on the banwagon. I want to find out what has happened there. I have not yet shared my personal experience online from Dorea as I do not want to taint anyone elses investigations or findings at this place. But I can tell you, even now, 5 years later it stills scares me stiff to talk about.

I would like to invite anyone who has been there to contact me. Anyone who plans to go - I advise you to be very careful. You know not what you are messing with. I currently have no plans to go back there, and I'm not sure I ever will. Those grounds are tainted with negativity.

So as it stands now, I have found little information.


- Dorea was home to many children during its active years. We are unsure of how many years as we cannot find any documentation on when it opened. As a matter of fact, we cannot find any documentation that this place even existed at all.

- Was Dorea subject to the Duplessis Orphan scandal? We cannot prove anything. Again, this place is shrowded in an immense amount of mystery. People went to a lot of trouble to cover this place up.

- When we spoke to the current owner of Dorea (in 2009) he refused to let us on the property and he refused to answer any of our questions regarding its past. All he gave us was a piece of advice... "Stay the hell away from that place!"

- Lore suggests Dr. Ewen Cameron took part in experiments at Dorea, however we cannot find any evidence that ties Cameron to Dorea. So for now, we lay this one to rest.

- Lore also suggests there are tunnels leading from the main pavillion to the USA (supposed route of choice for Dr Cameron to secretly enter and exit Canada). Having been to Dorea myself, I cannot disprove this, as when we entered the basement it was flooded and we could not investigate any further.

- It is said that the road behind the main pavillion lead to a church, and was a mass grave site to all those who died there. I cannot find any information on this either, however I did come across this picture titled "Dorea Church". Is this the old church that was burned down to hide the evidence?

As it stands right now, we have nothing to prove or disprove all the stories we hear about Dorea. All we know is that someone went to great lengths to cover up the history of this place. With no documentation to be found and the current owner refusing to talk about this place, refusing to allow anyone on the property, and heeds the warning to stay away. What does he know that we don't?

I have been trying to find people who may have been a resident while it was open. I have also tried to find people who are willing to talk about their own paranormal experiences while there. Everything leads to dead ends.

Is Dorea haunted? Without a doubt, yes. Are there children there that can't move on? Yes ... but they are not alone. They are not the only entities that walk those halls and play in the park. Something evil lurks there, I have seen it for myself.

Please contact me if you have any information or a personal paranormal experience at Dorea.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dr. Cameron ... A Mad Scientist from the land of Make-Believe?

There is no doubt that Dr. Ewen Cameron existed, and this is no doubt about the mind-control experiements he worked on, the lobotomies he performed, the amount of people he made suffer. But his story, his relation to Dorea is seemingly a false one. I can find an immense amount of information on Dr. Cameron, but nothing that connects him to the Dora Institute. As for the supposed tunnels in the basement... no one has ever seen them, so with that, I believe those are also rumors. Until I find out otherwise, the stories surrounding Dr. Cameron are no long valid in relation to the Dorea Institute.

As for the pain and suffering in Dorea. That I still believe has happened. I've felt it first hand from the lingering people who refuse to move on. It's literally knee-shaking pain and horror. Something DID go down there. I read some fascinating information recently that I couldn't pass up, again, completely unsure of its accuracy. I read that out of all the Orphanages and Asylums that were closed in the 1990's - any of which housed Duplessis Orphans inparticular were left frozen in time. Beds, desks, furniture, curtains, mattresses all remained in the asylums. It almost seemed like mass evacuations. I have seen some pictures of these places that I speak of. Unfortunately I have no way of telling the dates in which these photos were taken. But from my understanding, the Dorea Institute was the only asylum that was emptied however. Items were auctioned off apparently. In the same year the Dorea Institute was closed, the church (which I was recently told was often visited by a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church) was immediately torn down, for reasons unmentioned. I cannot understand why, out of 15 buildings that made up Dorea (including the Church and the 4 hidden in the forest) why would they be so insistent on only tearing down the Church when its clear that at least 4 other buildings NEED to be demolished as well. There is some form of secrecy there, something just doesn't add up.

Another thing that I find very bothersome. The four buildings hidden in the forest. Why are they there? What were they used for? And why is it that, to this day, they are still locked up and not broken into like the rest of the buildings on the property. What can possibly be in those 4 hidden buildings? Documentation? Furniture? I'm not sure, and I wont be the first to find out. There are a number of upset beings that remain on the property, I refuse to upset them further by vandalizing (possibly) the only 4 remaining places of peace they have left. So many people have been thru the buildings on the Dorea property, so many have vandalized the property, so many have been disrespectful in so many ways. I refuse to be one of them.

I will one day go back, in the day time however. I wish to get a better view of things, I wish to take the walk down the now vacant back road and see what it leads me to (and I dont mean buildings as I already know there is nothing left). I would like to explore the property in further detail and feel some of the stories that the beings who remain have to share with us, and I desperately, desperately want to find out what is the purpose of the 4 hidden buldings. In due time (hopefully) one day I will find out.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Story of Dorea

It began the week of December 1st 2009. I was at school where some friends were talking about going to an old abandoned insane asylum called Dorea. I thought it would be interesting to tag along. Before the group of us headed out, I decided to do a little bit of research about Dorea, and what I found was appalling and gut-wrenching. Stories I never heard of, bits and pieces of history that are never spoken of. I'm 25 years old, I was 11 years old when Dorea was shut down, I spent my summers 5 minutes away from it since I was born, and I never even KNEW Dorea was an asylum. I was always led to believe it was JUST a school.

After my friends and I took the late night tour of Dorea on December 4th 2009 (of which we were not the only group there, apparently this place is quite the 'hot-spot' for ghost hunting groups). I became highly fascinated with the place. I have a great respect for the dead, and a special ability that allows me to know that 2 of the buildings on the premesis are highly inflicted with pain torture and suffering of those who can't move on. I became exceptionally curious to find out exactly what went on here... and so I began my reseach. Information is scarce on the Dorea Institute, but it all leads back to the Duplessis Orphans, the horrors that went on behind closed doors, and the evil unspoken truths of this particular institute.

My hopes are to shed light on the Dorea Institute, and the Duplessis Orphans. I have no idea if there are any living survivors from the Dorea Institute, I wouldn't even know where to look for them. There is so little information about this place, it's scary how so much has been hidden.

I find it appalling that at 25 years old, I had no idea such atrosities have even occurred just 15 mintues from my home. I bet I'm not the only one. The youth of our time have the right to know exactly what happened, this cannot remain a secrect no longer, we must spread to word of such terrors to help ensure this never happens again!

**As a note, I'm unsure of the accuracy of the information I will be putting up on my blog. If something I add as fact is indeed inaccurate (and it can be proved in some form or another) please, please let me know!

So, as the story goes the Dorea Psychiatric Institute sits about 600 feet from the US border. It was closed in 1995 although I cant seem to find out why. Fifty years ago in Quebec the care of children living in Roman Catholic run orphanages was paid by the provincial government, but those in mental institutions were financed by the Canadian government. In the 1940's and 50's, Quebec Minister Maurice Duplesiss entered into a scheme with the Catholic Church to defraud the government by relabeling children left in orphanages by unwed mothers as psychotic or mentally deficient to gain greater funding. The Church and the Quebec provincial government also relabeled orphanages as mental institutions as part of the plan.

When the mental institutions were closed in the 1990's, the profit scheme came to light and a scandal erupted. The survivors now adults began to tell about the horrors of the stories of being imprisoned in insane asylums from childhood - the profound abuse, treatment as slave labor, electro-shock treatments, sexual abuse, physical tortures, straitjackets, and medical experiments[1].

It is said that a Dr. Ewen Cameron lived and worked in Albany, New York, and was involved in experiments in Canada for Project MKULTRA, a United States based CIA-directed mind control program. He also worked at the Allan Memorial Institute of the McGill University where he would perform these medical experiments.

In addition to LSD, Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs, as well as electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. His "driving" experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for months on end (up to three in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements.[2] It is also said that Dr. Cameron used to travel some underground tunnels that lead from Lake Placid, NY to the main pavillion of the Dorea Institute and perform terrible medical experiments on the children who dwelled there.

There are 7 buildings on the main grounds of Dorea, as well as 4 buildings that are hidden in the forest and have no pathways to. There are also 3 more additional buildings across the road. Behind the main pavillion is a stretch of road that now leads to a big empty lot, but its said there was once a Church and a cemetary there that held all the children who died at Dorea (many of them from the medical experiments). This is speculation as I have no way of providing any truth to these accusations.

I'm hoping to find the truth and to find out exactly what happened at the Dorea Institute.

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