Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Years later..

So here we are, 5 years later. I have never returned to Dorea since that cold December night back in 2009. I have found no futher information regarding Dorea as well.

I dropped all my research in fear. Shortly after beginning this research I contacted Mr Bruno Roy in early January 2010 asking him questions pertaining to Dorea Institute and if he knew of what may have happened there. I never got a response from him as he died the next day.

After that, I just let it go. Coinsidence? Maybe. But I didn't want to take that chance.

Now, 5 years later -  I want to jump back on the banwagon. I want to find out what has happened there. I have not yet shared my personal experience online from Dorea as I do not want to taint anyone elses investigations or findings at this place. But I can tell you, even now, 5 years later it stills scares me stiff to talk about.

I would like to invite anyone who has been there to contact me. Anyone who plans to go - I advise you to be very careful. You know not what you are messing with. I currently have no plans to go back there, and I'm not sure I ever will. Those grounds are tainted with negativity.

So as it stands now, I have found little information.


- Dorea was home to many children during its active years. We are unsure of how many years as we cannot find any documentation on when it opened. As a matter of fact, we cannot find any documentation that this place even existed at all.

- Was Dorea subject to the Duplessis Orphan scandal? We cannot prove anything. Again, this place is shrowded in an immense amount of mystery. People went to a lot of trouble to cover this place up.

- When we spoke to the current owner of Dorea (in 2009) he refused to let us on the property and he refused to answer any of our questions regarding its past. All he gave us was a piece of advice... "Stay the hell away from that place!"

- Lore suggests Dr. Ewen Cameron took part in experiments at Dorea, however we cannot find any evidence that ties Cameron to Dorea. So for now, we lay this one to rest.

- Lore also suggests there are tunnels leading from the main pavillion to the USA (supposed route of choice for Dr Cameron to secretly enter and exit Canada). Having been to Dorea myself, I cannot disprove this, as when we entered the basement it was flooded and we could not investigate any further.

- It is said that the road behind the main pavillion lead to a church, and was a mass grave site to all those who died there. I cannot find any information on this either, however I did come across this picture titled "Dorea Church". Is this the old church that was burned down to hide the evidence?

As it stands right now, we have nothing to prove or disprove all the stories we hear about Dorea. All we know is that someone went to great lengths to cover up the history of this place. With no documentation to be found and the current owner refusing to talk about this place, refusing to allow anyone on the property, and heeds the warning to stay away. What does he know that we don't?

I have been trying to find people who may have been a resident while it was open. I have also tried to find people who are willing to talk about their own paranormal experiences while there. Everything leads to dead ends.

Is Dorea haunted? Without a doubt, yes. Are there children there that can't move on? Yes ... but they are not alone. They are not the only entities that walk those halls and play in the park. Something evil lurks there, I have seen it for myself.

Please contact me if you have any information or a personal paranormal experience at Dorea.

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