Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Story of Dorea

It began the week of December 1st 2009. I was at school where some friends were talking about going to an old abandoned insane asylum called Dorea. I thought it would be interesting to tag along. Before the group of us headed out, I decided to do a little bit of research about Dorea, and what I found was appalling and gut-wrenching. Stories I never heard of, bits and pieces of history that are never spoken of. I'm 25 years old, I was 11 years old when Dorea was shut down, I spent my summers 5 minutes away from it since I was born, and I never even KNEW Dorea was an asylum. I was always led to believe it was JUST a school.

After my friends and I took the late night tour of Dorea on December 4th 2009 (of which we were not the only group there, apparently this place is quite the 'hot-spot' for ghost hunting groups). I became highly fascinated with the place. I have a great respect for the dead, and a special ability that allows me to know that 2 of the buildings on the premesis are highly inflicted with pain torture and suffering of those who can't move on. I became exceptionally curious to find out exactly what went on here... and so I began my reseach. Information is scarce on the Dorea Institute, but it all leads back to the Duplessis Orphans, the horrors that went on behind closed doors, and the evil unspoken truths of this particular institute.

My hopes are to shed light on the Dorea Institute, and the Duplessis Orphans. I have no idea if there are any living survivors from the Dorea Institute, I wouldn't even know where to look for them. There is so little information about this place, it's scary how so much has been hidden.

I find it appalling that at 25 years old, I had no idea such atrosities have even occurred just 15 mintues from my home. I bet I'm not the only one. The youth of our time have the right to know exactly what happened, this cannot remain a secrect no longer, we must spread to word of such terrors to help ensure this never happens again!

**As a note, I'm unsure of the accuracy of the information I will be putting up on my blog. If something I add as fact is indeed inaccurate (and it can be proved in some form or another) please, please let me know!

So, as the story goes the Dorea Psychiatric Institute sits about 600 feet from the US border. It was closed in 1995 although I cant seem to find out why. Fifty years ago in Quebec the care of children living in Roman Catholic run orphanages was paid by the provincial government, but those in mental institutions were financed by the Canadian government. In the 1940's and 50's, Quebec Minister Maurice Duplesiss entered into a scheme with the Catholic Church to defraud the government by relabeling children left in orphanages by unwed mothers as psychotic or mentally deficient to gain greater funding. The Church and the Quebec provincial government also relabeled orphanages as mental institutions as part of the plan.

When the mental institutions were closed in the 1990's, the profit scheme came to light and a scandal erupted. The survivors now adults began to tell about the horrors of the stories of being imprisoned in insane asylums from childhood - the profound abuse, treatment as slave labor, electro-shock treatments, sexual abuse, physical tortures, straitjackets, and medical experiments[1].

It is said that a Dr. Ewen Cameron lived and worked in Albany, New York, and was involved in experiments in Canada for Project MKULTRA, a United States based CIA-directed mind control program. He also worked at the Allan Memorial Institute of the McGill University where he would perform these medical experiments.

In addition to LSD, Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs, as well as electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. His "driving" experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for months on end (up to three in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements.[2] It is also said that Dr. Cameron used to travel some underground tunnels that lead from Lake Placid, NY to the main pavillion of the Dorea Institute and perform terrible medical experiments on the children who dwelled there.

There are 7 buildings on the main grounds of Dorea, as well as 4 buildings that are hidden in the forest and have no pathways to. There are also 3 more additional buildings across the road. Behind the main pavillion is a stretch of road that now leads to a big empty lot, but its said there was once a Church and a cemetary there that held all the children who died at Dorea (many of them from the medical experiments). This is speculation as I have no way of providing any truth to these accusations.

I'm hoping to find the truth and to find out exactly what happened at the Dorea Institute.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, i saw a ghost story about sm1 who lived nearby, maybe they cld help

Anonymous said...

I have app called true ghost stories , one of the stories is called the surrounding darkness and it is about a woman and her husband who discover the Doren asylum just off there property you should try to read it !

Mayra Skolimowski said...

omg! i JUST read that story on the app this morning! how eery...idk if that story is actually true, though...she may have just read blogs and articles and made a story out of them...but who knows?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Jt3 I am a paranormal investigator I will be researching this place tomorrow please contact me by email and let me know more about this I will be going with my crew to try and lay these souls back to peace my email is thank you

Anonymous said...

My name is Marc, I live in Huntingdon, I could have potentielle information. CALL ME 264 8070

Anonymous said...

Please email me information.

J treb said...

hello, my name is Jaymie, recently discovered the history of this place and am visiting with my Dad who lives about 30 minutes away so we have been trying to collect more information but there only seems to be so much that is searchable. We went to the site once at night and once during the day, only actually entering the grounds during the day and we weren't aware that there seemed to be buildings that were part of the others located across the street (3 identical) We also had a hard time locating the hidden forest buildings. Am wondering if there is an email I can contact you to find more information, or at least as much as you know.

Anonymous said...

Hi. a friend of mine went there in the past few days and took pictures there.. such an terrible place and what you are saying is what he heard from the people who live there. Not only that but there is a burial grownd where these children are buried and no one can go in there and it seems that it is so badly cared for that bones are on the surface .. How awful.
the people who did this should burn in hell for eternity. I too will search more about this place.

Tony 2time said...

Hi!! So you still have those pictures from the back of the 3 bâtiment? 😮

Anonymous said...

Can we see you, Me and My team ?
Research of Mystère Team !

The lightworker said...

We visited this place today. The energy was heavy and heartbreaking. Felt like something was clinging to our legs. We burned some sage and We created a carousel of light to send the souls to the light. God bless

The lightworker said...

Montréal star archives is where you can find more infornation