Monday, December 7, 2009

Dr. Cameron ... A Mad Scientist from the land of Make-Believe?

There is no doubt that Dr. Ewen Cameron existed, and this is no doubt about the mind-control experiements he worked on, the lobotomies he performed, the amount of people he made suffer. But his story, his relation to Dorea is seemingly a false one. I can find an immense amount of information on Dr. Cameron, but nothing that connects him to the Dora Institute. As for the supposed tunnels in the basement... no one has ever seen them, so with that, I believe those are also rumors. Until I find out otherwise, the stories surrounding Dr. Cameron are no long valid in relation to the Dorea Institute.

As for the pain and suffering in Dorea. That I still believe has happened. I've felt it first hand from the lingering people who refuse to move on. It's literally knee-shaking pain and horror. Something DID go down there. I read some fascinating information recently that I couldn't pass up, again, completely unsure of its accuracy. I read that out of all the Orphanages and Asylums that were closed in the 1990's - any of which housed Duplessis Orphans inparticular were left frozen in time. Beds, desks, furniture, curtains, mattresses all remained in the asylums. It almost seemed like mass evacuations. I have seen some pictures of these places that I speak of. Unfortunately I have no way of telling the dates in which these photos were taken. But from my understanding, the Dorea Institute was the only asylum that was emptied however. Items were auctioned off apparently. In the same year the Dorea Institute was closed, the church (which I was recently told was often visited by a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church) was immediately torn down, for reasons unmentioned. I cannot understand why, out of 15 buildings that made up Dorea (including the Church and the 4 hidden in the forest) why would they be so insistent on only tearing down the Church when its clear that at least 4 other buildings NEED to be demolished as well. There is some form of secrecy there, something just doesn't add up.

Another thing that I find very bothersome. The four buildings hidden in the forest. Why are they there? What were they used for? And why is it that, to this day, they are still locked up and not broken into like the rest of the buildings on the property. What can possibly be in those 4 hidden buildings? Documentation? Furniture? I'm not sure, and I wont be the first to find out. There are a number of upset beings that remain on the property, I refuse to upset them further by vandalizing (possibly) the only 4 remaining places of peace they have left. So many people have been thru the buildings on the Dorea property, so many have vandalized the property, so many have been disrespectful in so many ways. I refuse to be one of them.

I will one day go back, in the day time however. I wish to get a better view of things, I wish to take the walk down the now vacant back road and see what it leads me to (and I dont mean buildings as I already know there is nothing left). I would like to explore the property in further detail and feel some of the stories that the beings who remain have to share with us, and I desperately, desperately want to find out what is the purpose of the 4 hidden buldings. In due time (hopefully) one day I will find out.


Shane said...

So have you gone back during the day and really explored the property? Have you found out any more truth about the situation? Im extremely fascinated by this place as well. Id like to go check it out for myself. What do you mean by saying the 4 hidden buildings are still locked up? Nobody can get inside? And did you not see a guard while there? Whatever answers you have, would be really appreciated.

Bruce said...

Look in the right places. Dr Cameron who is very real and information on him is out there. I have everything on him. He founded most of the hospitals in Montreal. He was head of psychiatry throuout Canada. Your not finding the answers because your not digging deep enough. C.I.A destroyed 21000 files in the 1970's. Look in declassified C.I.A files. I personally know family members who worked there. Many people have. They were all hushed to silence OR ELSE. Whistleblowers in the World are there for a reason. To help the innocent. Ewen Cameron. He lived in the biggest house on the MONT ROYAL that everyone still knows and visits everyday in Montreal. Notice buildings and dates and signatures on buildings you'll fall upon the truth. He was American and hiding here during the day. Went through the tunnels to the States at night. Also where they crossed many Orphans that disappeared from the U.S.A. Human experimentation was a must after the the two World Wars. This practice is still practiced today. To control minds over long periods of time. Just for the fun of it. Look up MKULTRA games today. It is a gaming inline store experimenting with children through the internet. People are very naïve. Look around and you'll see plenty of going ons still today. I interviewed a few Duplessis Orphans. They were tortured and some are very odd. Look up who founded the hospitals and who was in charge of the ENTIRE Mental Health association. Can't say more online. In person we should have a long coffee and chat.

Anonymous said...

1950's it all began after the second World War.Also Donald had a mentor he followed then worked for. Seek. Donald Ewen Cameron M.D.

annie ethier said...

bruce... you have a really interesting file on this story. im from Huntingdon not to far from dorea. would like to talk with you if you are interested and if you dont live to far ;)
my email

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with what Bruce here has to say... Made some research from my end too and been on the field for hours.

Bruce if you can please contact me on my email:

Would love to sit over a coffee and talk more in depth about this.